About the chaarcters Warning, This Bio page may contain spoilers for those that watch the anime charcters that are here. Also there are Dubbed names and what not here because I liked it that way. and if you don't like any of the dubbed namings too bad, I mean you don't have to read this. That is all enjoy

Name: Slash Segary
Age: 18
Weapon: Magic
Bio: Lived in a small town, He learned magic and how to do some small fighting. One day he was taken from his world and thrown into a new world with his new friend Kakashi. He then absorbed a diamond shaped power source and then gained a new power which helps him out in certain situation.

Name: Kakashi Hatake
Age: 26
Weapon: Left Eye/ Sharingan and his ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu.
Bio: A main character of Naruto. The leader of Team 7 and a Konoha Jonin, had a rivalry with another Konoha Jonin called Might Guy. He is known throughout the world of Naruto as Copy Ninja Kakashi or Sharingan Kakashi. Then he was taken from his world and ended up teaming up with Slash to get back to where he came from and to stop whatever is messing with the dimensions.

Name: Allen Walker
Age: 15
Weapon: Left arm/ parasite-type, anti-Akuma weapon
Bio: Allen Walker is the main character of D.Gray-man. An Exorcist of British origin and also the youngest one alive, his left arm has gained the power of an anti-Akuma weapon. He then was taken from his dimention and his left eye, which can see if a person is an Akuma in desguse or not, was messed with by Vazlo; he then saw some people as Akuma that weren’t really Akuma. Then he was saved by 2021, Mokona, Slash, and Kakashi now he helps them out to defeat the evil being tearing apart the daimentions.

Name: Core Gehaub
Nickname: 2021
Age: ??
Weapon: Giant sword
Bio: A cybernetic being who somehow found himself in a different time dimension, where he was trained by a group of samurai called the Eastern swords. The logo on his sleeves is the Eastern Swords Clan insignia. The village where he was trained and the people who trained him were attacked by a group of evil warriors, and has been seeking revenge ever since.

Name:Mokona Madoki
Age: ??
Weapon: none
Bio: White Mokona is the manju-bun -like creature from CLAMP’s Tsubasa Chronicle that possess several astonishing abilities, such as traveling to different worlds, teleporting objects from one world to another, sensing strong auras, and being a magical translator for everyone that is from different worlds/dimentions. whenever a powerful source of energy is around it goes ‘mekkyon’ (scary face) for an instant, which alerts the others about it. Mokona has stated that it has 108 Secret Skills.

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