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Aug 20 2007 06:13 pm

Yes this is true

I won't be on as much as I would like right now since I just started college and have so manythings that I will be doing. and before you ask which college am I going to the answer is that I'm not telling you all. I'll still be around but not as much. See ya all around when I'm on ^_^

Mar 07 2007 08:11 am

Done reording

Finally I'm done reordering the comic, and now the posts will come in slower. Sooner or later I may do this again when I'm really bored. but for now the time has come for me to go to nowheresvill so I can work more on my two-three comic inspriations. Until then. See ya ^_^

~Slash Segary

Mar 03 2007 11:51 am

Re Ordering

I'm starting Pixel Quest back up from the actual begining, I got bored and hope everyone likes this Sprite comic.

I deleted the original comic from Smack Jeeves because it was horrible looking and had a pretty bad plot. now that this is all cleaned up I can continue with the story.

Oh, and the comic will be updated every hour from 12 PM-11PM for March 3rd to March 6th. Thank you for your time and enjoy.

Feb 08 2007 07:11 pm

Small Delay

There will be a small delay in Pixelquest posts I'm going to update every once in a while now. Till the next update. See ya

Jan 07 2007 08:55 pm

New Author

I have made 2021 an official co-author to Pixel Quest, Mostly because he has become part of the quest. I Also have made a bio page put up for the characters. For some there are a link to them. Oh and in the Bio's page there are some spoilers, so for those of you who hate any spoilers of any kind then I can only say that you should either not read the bios page or be careful not to read any spoilers. Enjoy. ^_^

Dec 17 2006 08:17 pm

For the Holidays

For the Holidays I will not be updating. The next time a new page will be up in the new year is probably 2-5 days into the year. So be looking and have a Merry happy, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and a Happy New Year!! until next time this is Slash over and out

Dec 07 2006 06:49 pm

Starting over

I'm gonna start Pixel Quest over again, With a new banner and new comic pages. It will start off differently and now I even have a well thought out way for things to happen so I ended with this test of Pixel Quest and now am making the new one. But I won't take these comics down until they are not needed anymore. untill next time.

Nov 27 2006 01:59 pm

Big Time

I was holding out on all of you people Mwahahahaha...ok so what I have quite a few new pages that will be coming on throughout the day...and mostlikely into tomarrow.

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